Sexual Satisfaction

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sara Luna

I was home from college for winter break. I live in New York City and I go to college upstate. Ever since I got to college I haven’t felt sexually satisfied by anyone and honestly I was sad for a bit. One day while hanging out with my friends, an old friend from middle school had texted me and asked if I was busy that night. I told him no so he said he was going to come and pick me up. I always thought he was attractive and vice versa but we never did anything about it. Tonight was the night we finally did. He called me and told me he was out front so I left my friends and got in his car. We drove for a while and just started talking and catching up. I was nervous but he seemed so calm. Eventually we found a place to park where nobody would see us. He turned the car off and we just sat there talking and then silence. I fiddled with my phone until eventually, he looked at me and told me to come closer. I leaned in and he kissed me. We started kissing and eventually made our way to the backseat. We stripped off our clothes and he started performing oral on me. He wanted to make sure I was enjoying myself, he got off on that. Then we started having sex. We had sex for 2 hours in that car. Afterwards he sat in the back with me as I laid across the seats resting my head on his lap as he caressed my face and we talked. Finally, I can say I'm feeling sexually satisfied.