A Sexual Fantasy

— By As132

As you know, if you click on any random porn page, what you get 99% of the time is always the same: soft touches, 0 passion kisses, over acting, uncomfortable scissoring and perfect bodies behaving perfect and having perfect sex.

And I can see the difference now. I met my girlfriend more than a year ago, and it has changed my sex life forever. I never thought real life could differ so much from those terrible videos! I never thought someone could be so close, feel so entirely safe in a way that I new I could just be myself and nothing from my body, my thoughts or desires will scare away or disgust the other person. And from the first time we slept together I had this idea stuck in my head, this momentum of pure pleasure and freedom that I know we could reach.

Every time she touches me everything inside me just melts, becomes soft and warm and all I can think about is her smell, her warmth, kissing down her waist...grabbing her beautiful ass.. licking her hips…biting…(she likes to bite too) and just get lost in the moment. With her I'm discovering things that I didn't knew I liked before, I mean who knew oral sex was so good !? She has opened the door for this magical and unknown sexquake in me. And now... I want it all!

And I mean all.. I want to try to feel her in every way possible. I want to use a feeldoe with her, that sensation of knowing what she feels when she's being penetrated and being able to produce that in her. Having her on top of me, licking her, feeling that she allows me to go oh so deep, to be so close... Having her spanking me, I really love spanking. Maybe a finger down my ass while doing it, or kisses on my nipples.. more like sucking…i really love sucking...My problem is that sometimes I’m too shy to act on those desires, so I thought maybe you can help inspire me...