Setting the Mood

A Sexual Fantasy

— By BettyBlueEyes

I have always wanted to have hot sex in a yellow and white sundress with my husband on a weathered kitchen table. He performs cunnilingus on me while I orgasm. The room has huge windows and is full of light. People walking by on the sidewalk could easily see in if they wanted to. My parents, who are very conservative, are going to be coming over for lunch sometime between 12-2 pm, so we have everything prepared for their arrival but decide to risk making love while we wait for their arrival, not knowing exactly when they will arrive or whether they will see us through the window. Just as we finish, we look out of the window and see their car coming up the street. We quickly run around, trying to set the table and freshen the air with some scented candles. They come inside and we all sit down at the table to eat. My father remarks that we must have done something different because the dining room smells especially good today. My husband and I smile across the table at each other...