A Sexual Fantasy

— By JotaS

Two months before the pandemic, I fucked a stranger on the beach. I had an article to write for a magazine. A woman and a man showed up, walking and throwing sand at me. Then, she held a sheet of paper and a pen. He went towards the sea, taking with him a drone and the remote. She stared at me, lowered her head. I asked to borrow her pen. She said yes and offered to tell me a story involving a visit to the ruins with her friend. I showed excitement and we went down the sandy beach. The tale wasn’t funny. Apparently, they’d been running around in circles because the GPS had sent them through goat’s tracks. And it was only when they gave up, and left for other visits, that they found themselves passing in front of the ruins. She laughed, introduced herself as a fan of irony. Finally, we stopped in a deserted area. We couldn’t even hear the wind. She admitted that we had walked a long way already. I smiled maliciously at her. I imagined her naked. She stepped aside, constantly wiggling her toes. I tried to say goodbye. I hugged her; she put her hand on the back of my neck. We stepped back. I knew I was leaving. But the next thing I knew, I had pulled her up to me. She resisted only for a second. I felt her perfume. I smoothed her breasts with my left hand, her bikini panties with my right. She lay down and grabbed me. As soon as I tasted her clit, she moaned, huffed, begged, yes, to suck it all. She moaned and moaned and came and came and sighed and screamed and pulled her head back in ricochet. Wide-eyed, I swallowed her orgasm. Then, she masturbated, had me lie on my back. She sat on my cock, which disappeared inside her. She yelled at me to fuck her whole pussy. Strike after strike, I spanked her firm ass. She howled and moaned and came again. Her face was red as I was about to burst… I pulled myself out of her, tried to catch the pen and paper. «Aaah, yes, I want m-m-more, stick it in again, but stronger, harder», she said. But I couldn’t do it anymore, I was falling apart. I had, without a doubt, the best sex ever with a nymphomaniac.