Rough Warmth

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MiraTheBunny

He sends me instructions to wait for him in a hotel room wearing nothing but a kimono. When he arrives, he looks at me from head to toe, without saying a single word, and slowly takes off my robe. He orders me to take a seat, legs spread, and tells me exactly where to touch myself. From my breasts and nipples to my thighs. I am already wet when he pulls out a set of ropes and ties my hands and neck to the chair. The sound of the ropes touching the floor from time to time , the smell of hemp, the slightly rough texture, all send electric shocks down my spine. Before he blindfolds me, I can see through his pants that he is already aroused. I hear a "click", followed by a buzzing. He puts a vibrator between my legs and unzips his pants. I can feel the warmth of his penis close to my face. After slapping my cheeks with his dick, he finally inserts it into my mouth. "What are you waiting for?" he asks, and I start blowing him off. With every move I can feel the rope digging into the skin of my neck, leaving its mark. "How does it feel to choke yourself while sucking my cock?" Only the saliva dripping down my chin can answer how much I love it.