Private Tasting

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Amante

It's a late spring Saturday in 2021, and I'm on my way to a winery gig. I am stuck behind a woman who insists on going below the speed limit on the two-lane rural road. I finally get enough clearance to pass and when I am parallel to her, she flips me off. She is quite attractive, so I roll down my passenger window and beckon her to "come hither" with my hand and yell "Wanna fuck? Be the best you ever had!!" She lowers her gaze in condescension but then she does a second take and I seem to detect a smile. I pull into the parking lot and once I start to unload, I see her pull in and park in the staff area. Embarrassed as shit, I set up and proceed to play. She sees that it's me, rolls her eyes but gives me a knowing and I think, I hope, evil grin. On my break, I introduce myself somewhat humbly. She immediately counters with "Congratulations on getting here half a minute before me!". She then offers me a glass of wine and informs me, "I am sooo over this distancing and abstinence thing - 'don't get too close, don't touch, don't have any fucking fun', know what I'm saying?" "Uhh, yea! Couldn't agree more!" I wanted desperately to read it as a come-on. As I am finishing my last set, she brings me a bottle of my favorite varietal. Staring me straight in the eye, she bends down in front of me to set the bottle on the floor while allowing me a view of her wonderfully shaped and bare breasts down her top, telling me, "This is for YOU". Coming closer, she tells me, "Ok, you're cute, your playing is fucking amazing, and I'm going to be very disappointed if you don't make good on your claim! I'm closing tonight, so why don't you stay after I lock up? We can do our own private tasting. Up to you!" She then turned quickly towards the bar, the sway of her ass dispelling any doubts as to her intent. (Later that evening..) She took me by the hand and led me into a dark sort of VIP lounge, undressing me without my assistance and then herself quickly. I knelt down, hugging her around her buttocks and began to kiss and lick all around and inside of her vagina. That took her back a bit but then she pulled me up onto a large plush couch. I continued with what I was doing and began to suck her vaginal walls and roll them in my lips in the way one might do a segment of fruit, albeit with infinitely more pleasure. I also did what I like to have done to my cock, which is to suck and lick manic/aggressively on her clit while clasping her thighs around my head. I brought her to orgasm multiple times and wanted to keep going but I sensed that she was anxious to swallow my cock inside. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in as tight and as far as I could go, thrusting like mad. We were both starving and wild as it was my first fuck in well over a year and seemed to be for her too. "Well, I guess you weren't lying! 'Best I ever had'? Hmm.. let's just say top one per cent, pending further evaluation". I am now high on the winery's "Most Preferred Vendors" list.