Please Play with Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Stuart

My wife, Cindy, and I were staying at beautiful little hotel in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. We had never been in that part of the country before and were looking forward to a complete break from our normal lives and all the responsibilities that come with young children.

As we came back from breakfast on the first morning, we both noticed the maid who was making up the room. She was very petite and absolutely gorgeous.

Cindy and I often incorporate fantasies into our lovemaking and that night Cindy told me to imagine that the beautiful maid was in bed with us. We didn’t know her name but Cindy decided to call her Nicolette, which sounded suitably sexy. She developed a wonderfully complex and erotic scenario and we both became very turned on and had a wonderful evening.

The next morning, during another sleepy lovemaking session, I suggested that we try to turn our fantasy into reality. Cindy didn’t need much convincing. We were far from home and nobody knew us, so the sense of anonymity gave us the courage to do something we would never normally have dreamed of doing.

Cindy has always enjoyed the feeling of being tied up so that’s how we started. She lay in the middle of the bed and I tied her wrists to her ankles with her legs spread wide apart and her gorgeous pussy totally exposed. I also blindfolded her with a silk scarf. She looked so sexy I couldn’t resist kissing her all over and then licking her until she was on the brink of yet another orgasm. When I stopped she groaned and pleaded with me to carry on but I resisted the urge, leaving her pussy sticky and her pubic hairs matted with her juices. She looked very difficult for anyone to resist. As a final touch I used the hotel stationary to write a sign, with a little help from Google Translate, saying, “S'il vous plaît jouer avec moi” and propped it up at the bottom of the bed. Next to it I put Cindy’s favourite vibrator. Then I hung the “Please make up room” sign on our door. I went into the bathroom and hid out of sight but with a clear view of Cindy on the bed through the crack in the door.

After what seemed like forever but was probably only about ten minutes, there was a knock at the door and a voice called out, “Femme de Chambre”. We held our breath and waited. After a few moments the door opened and soon after that I heard a shocked gasp from the maid. I was worried that she’d make a dash for the door but there was only silence. Then, through the crack in the bathroom door I saw Nicolette come into view, walking very slowly and tentatively towards the bed.

As she stood at the foot of the bed I saw the expression on her face slowly change from shock to intrigue and finally to what I hoped was arousal.

She carefully picked up the vibrator and examined it with interest but without turning it on. After a while she put it down and gently placed her hand on Cindy’s ankle. Cindy waited a few seconds and then whispered, “S'il vous plaît”.

Nicolette froze and I held my breath. Then after a few moments she started caressing Cindy’s leg, slowly moving higher. When she got to Cindy's pussy she gently ran her hands through her pubic hair for a few moments and then continued upwards. Cindy let out a frustrated groan. Although we had often fantasised about it, Cindy had never been with another girl, so I could imagine how turned on she was.

When Nicolette got to Cindy's boobs she lightly traced her fingers around her nipples a few times and then leaned over and started to lick them. Cindy groaned again and arched her back. After a few moments Nicolette started to twist Cindy's nipples, quite roughly I thought, but Cindy obviously loved it and the volume of her groans increased. By this time my erection was making me feel very uncomfortable.

As I watched in anticipation, Nicolette moved back down to the bottom of the bed and lay between Cindy's legs. Her face was very close to Cindy's pussy and she started to breathe on it while gently holding it open with her thumbs. Then she ran her tongue very slowly from the bottom all the way up to Cindy's clit. I watched in amazement as Cindy arched her back and pushed her pussy into Nicolette's face, groaning again. Nicolette slid her hands under Cindy and lifted her up to pull her closer. It was the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life - my amazing wife fulfilling her deepest fantasy and being devoured by this gorgeous young woman.

It didn't take long before Cindy started panting and writhing around and then had the most incredibly intense orgasm I had ever seen. The ropes cut into her wrists and ankles as she twisted her body back and forth and she let out a howl that made me thankful that the hotel was an old building with very thick walls. Nicolette held Cindy up to her mouth and continued to lick and suck her pussy as she writhed, until her spasms finally subsided. As she lifted her head and wiped her mouth, slick with Cindy's juices, I noticed a satisfied smile.

I waited, not sure what to do next and then Cindy said very softly, in her best schoolgirl French, “Je veux te goûter”. I'm not sure if the grammar was correct but Nicolette got the idea. After a moment's hesitation she bent down, pulled off her panties and positioned herself over Cindy's face. She sighed as Cindy started to lick her first pussy. Although this was her first time, she was obviously doing a great job, because Nicolette was soon breathing heavily.

After watching spellbound for a few minutes I couldn't contain myself. I quietly walked out from the bathroom and said, “Wow, you two look amazing”.

Nicolette gasped and looked at me in panic. I was worried that she would run away but instead she just froze like a wide-eyed deer caught in the headlights. I spoke to her as calmly as I could and Cindy also said, “It's OK, it's OK, it's OK …” I'm not sure how good her English was but her breathing eventually slowed and she started to relax.

“Please stay”, I said.

She looked at me steadily and then, after a long pause, said the most beautiful word I had ever heard spoken in the French language.