Please Come on my Face

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jeannie_HW4

I wanted him to cum and to have another orgasm myself, it was getting very close. I had played this to a blowjob and now that it was happening it needed it to be a great one and most importantly now to be all that I needed. My pussy was swollen and my clit was as hard as a marble, aching with arousal. I could barely hold back from rubbing myself into submission but at the same time knowing if I held off a bit, I would be rewarded with a mind numbing orgasm that would fill my panties with wet warmth. His cock was hot, red, and engorged. I gagged a bit as I swallowed his entire length and then as I ran my lips and tongue up his shaft and around the head I felt his ass cheeks clench and spine start to straighten. This was my signal of a cum shot on it’s way. I reached between my legs for release and begged for him to cum on my face. He groaned and I felt my panties become drenched in wetness. A moment later his sperm spilled on my face and into my mouth. Mission accomplished here, and when my husband read this story while smelling my still warm lingerie.