Partners in Crime

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kay-t

There is probably nobody else I know so much about: fantasies, sex escapades, the way he looks, moves and touches. We are partners in crime, going out together, showing each other the most attractive people in the room. Always having the same taste in women. We cheer each other for every sexual / romantic encounter we have. We go to explicit, sex-positive, kink parties together, explore and share.

I am sure, when we go out we look as a couple, sometimes even the most mysterious couple of all. We take care of each other. We wander off alone to come back and talk about what we have seen. We sip on each others drinks and we touch each other with great intimacy. I get off on it.

Still I have never seen him naked (except the one time we went skinny-dipping). I have never felt his gorgeous lips upon my body.

But I have this idea of finding ourselves in a darkroom. Not seeing keeps the awkwardness out. Just letting loose to our knowledge of each others desire. Feeling his hands on my back, my tits, my neck. Oh, I love his grip. Smelling him, behind his ears, down his neck, his armpits. Oh, I love his smell. Tasting his skin, his sweat, his cum. I am sure, I'll love how he tastes. I want to feel his firm hands on my hips, pressing my ass against him: Just take me from behind and moan in my ear - afterwards go down on your knees, I know, you know some tricks..

I will leave the room before him, kissing a goodbye. When we find ourselves outside, we will continue searching for hot people, cheering each other to flirt with them. And then talk about it.