Our New Tenttrailer

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Last year,we bought a new tenttrailer, a foldable tent in a little cart. When we are on a camping, it is our aim, to have good, hot sex in it, letting the whole contraption shake and rattle on the rythm of my thrusts... the thin tentcloth doesn't stop our moans and grunts, they are clearly audible. And all this, only meters away from the other camp sites around us! We do not care, that other people can hear us having a pleasurable time, life is too short for that... And then, the next morning... we are both in a extremely good mood, after a good night of sex, all cheerful, and we greet our fellow campers with a grin on our faces on our way to the showers! We know, that they know what we were up to last night, but we just don't care at all...