O.P.M. Orgasm per minute

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jd2005

This time I invite you to a hotel and I wait in the lobby, in a different way, without my jeans, with a red dress, low cut revealing my breasts, highlighting my slim figure, my hips, my tail and my back, ending with my bare legs so short dress, highlighting my fair skin, marked by loose, dark, long hair ... and you notice how stunning you see me.
You look me up and down, you smile while coming to me, taking a few steps to get closer and kiss me on the cheek, whispering in "you are beautiful".
You smile mischievously and head to the elevator, where, as soon as the door closes, you kiss me in the sexiest way you can, as if the world was going to end, with your hands under the dress you noticed that I wasn't wearing any underwear, you feel the wetness of my sex and how I was ready for your tongue
We get to our floor, we enter the room, we kiss and play with our hands. One of your hands is under my dress, playing my sex, you realize you start to sweat.
You unbutton your shirt as my hands caress your chest, my hands go down to your pants, unbuckling your belt, reaching out to your member. It is quite hard. I take it. I turn around giving it access to my sex, and with a stroke and a moan of pleasure we kick off the movements of in and out. I'm still dressed, with your hands on my breasts I scream my first orgasm.
You walk around looking at me, you take my neck and kiss me again... my nails leave marks on your back, your orgasm come and you take it from my vagina and bring it to my belly, you come in my breasts and end up excited for more.
I take off my dress, I take off your clothes, we are now completely naked