Opposites Attract

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nac

It would be hard to imagine a starker contrast between her and me. My white hair and beard are neatly trimmed as is my yard and vegetable patch. I’ve thrown myself into gardening and cycling since my wife died a few years after my retirement. My neighbor spends her days researching and rehearsing music composed by wild men and women of the past. I walk through the dewy grass of my back yard in sandals and a robe and come to the friendship gate she and I put in after her husband passed away. On the other side of the gate, I am in her yard which is all manner of wildness-trees, bushes, vines, birds, butterflies, and frogs. I kick off my sandals and hang my robe on the hook on her side of our common fence. I proceed completely naked through her back yard to the porch. As I come onto her small lawn, she greets me “Ah, my favorite view, a satyr emerging from the woods!” She is nude with dramatic long white hair and a magnificent tan born from never wearing anything but a broad-brimmed straw hat in her back yard. After a hug, we sit across from each other in wicker chairs and sip the coffee she’s just made. As we chat, she reaches over with her bare foot and begins feeling by penis and balls. As she does so, her nipples become erect, and she affords me a lovely view of her pussy. I nestle down between her spread legs kissing her inner thighs and begin licking her strong-tasting cunny. She positions herself so I’m licking in just the right spot and soon she begins to point her toes and convulse in orgasm. I slide my stiff cock into her pussy as she rubs her clitoris. I love feeling my rod sliding in and out of her wet pussy even more than feeling myself climax, so after her second orgasm, I pull out, return to my chair, and we finish our coffee and conversation. When I get back to my house, I put on my cycling outfit but do not shower because I want to be able to smell her pussy on my beard throughout the day. It’s my way of trying to keep some of her wildness with me.