Of Bars and Divine Intervention

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Oshun_lover

We matched on an online dating site and decided to meet at a classy rooftop in a large metropolitan city. Within minutes we met, drank, spoke, we are from different places (she is from Belgium and I am from Venezuela), different races (she is black and I am a mestizo), and we had different jobs. I was an aspiring musician, she was a consultant for large companies. We spoke about everything, laughed, and at one point our eyes locked and we started making out. No judgement, no pressure, no negativity, it was such a pure connection so seamless it felt like we knew each other for years. We started showing a bit too much PDA and we were the last patrons to leave the bar. We quickly found shelter in another bar and then we moved our separate ways. We agreed to see each other again. The next day we met again, this time in a bar, and after a 5 minutes of playing pool we stopped , stared at each other, laughed, made out and decided we couldn't resist each other. We tried to go to the restroom (it was locked), we hopped from bar to bar, and finally we went to her place. It was on her rooftop were we laid on the floor and started playing with every inch of our bodies. We were like Adam and Eve just meeting (or like curious cats). We started from our hair until our feet, moving through every part of our bodies. Funny thing is our clothes were still on. We couldn't resist, we ran into her room and we got undressed. She was wet, I was hard. We navigated each others bodies with such precision we lost track of time. From curious animals we became wild and animalistic. We went down on each other, I remember she was moaning and holding my head and lightly scratching it as she entered into a pleasurable state. She then sucked my dick and licked my body from my neck until my thighs. I put on a condom and started fucking her from different angles. She grabbed the bed, she was spontaneous and she kissed me and grabbed when she could. It was so intense, then slow, then intense. We then slept and cuddled naked and repeated the same routine next morning. This time she woke me up with a blowjob that still has me dreaming until this day, we did doggy, missionary, sideways. I pushed her on the wall, we went to the floor and kept fucking. The energy was almost infinite. I loved the sex, her smile, her body, her lips, her hair, her smell, she was a beautiful woman so intense and as passionate or even more passionate than me. I told her this felt like I was touched by a female goddess, she told me that it might as well be the case and to research Oshun (the Yoruba goddess of love, fertility and the rivers). This lasted for a month (by the third week she broke her bed), where we tried different positions, we were playful, and we were ephemeral. We ended our adventure amicably (both of us were not ready for a serious relationship). Some things don't last, but are remembered forever. I did feel like something lustful and divine touched me forever in the end.