New Opening

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Inez

It’s Friday night, I’ve been out for dinner and drinks with my friends.. I’m insatiably horny and have one person on my mind.

He and I had been speaking online for a few weeks but we hadn’t met as he’d just opened a new bar in the city.

I checked what time his bar closed and made my way there.

Stood outside, I could see him sweeping the floor, the bar empty, orange lights casting warm shadows across the tiled floor. I pushed the thick, glass door open, he turned quickly, “Now, this is a surprise,” he comments as he walked towards me, looking into my eyes and gesturing for me to take a seat. He brings me a glass of whiskey and continues to tidy the bar. I ask him to come to me, I caress his neck and kiss him deeply, taking his hand, cold and cautious, I open my legs and let him feel my warm, bare pussy. I’m immediately wet. He groans into my ear, his fingers sliding inside of me, then he lowers himself to his knees and begins to lick every part of me. I feel myself succumbing to the pleasure, tingling, ready to scream when he stops, grabs my hair in his hands and slams me against the wall. He kisses me, forces his fingers deep into my mouth the pushes me down to my knees. His cock fills my mouth, my throat, he demands I put my hands up, he restrains them against the wall and proceeds to fuck my mouth. Spit spills down my chin and collects at my collarbones. He lifts me up. Turns me around, rips my shirt open, my nipples cold on the tiled wall, he kisses my neck and pushes himself inside of me.

We cast erotic shadows everywhere in the bar until the early hours - raw, inhibited sex. We both come, kiss then I leave with a smile.