My Roommate Ate Me Out... and Then I Lost My Virginity to Somebody Else

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ljmurphy93

It was a December night in the cold. I lived with a male roommate and best friend at the time, someone I had known for 7 years. I was recently scorned by a lover who broke up with me because he wasn't "relationship ready", and I was also a virgin. I spent the week prior to the events going out to dinners with my roommate, where I would talk to him about my relationship issues and he would comfort me. I would also press him about his current relationship, that he did not seem passionate about. He would sigh and say "you know, when you put your all into somebody and it doesn't work out, that really hurts".

On one cold night, he came home from work and announced "Lauren, I've had a shit day and I just want to drink." I sighed and agreed. I wanted to drink, too. I was so frustrated from the cold and my heartbreak.

So my roommate and I began to drink and watch Christmas movies. We watched The Grinch. We ended up talking deeply about our families. We ended up Skyping our old college friends, laughing, having a good drunk time. We started to hold hands.

In the midst of our movie watching, my ex was sending me messages online asking if he could come over. I responded to him that I was drunk with my cat and Jeremy, and if he wanted to apologise he would have to come over to me. My ex agreed that he would, around midnight.

I told my roommate that my ex wanted to come over, and he groaned. "Lauren, he is just a man baby. I don't think you should have him over." As he continued to tell me that my ex shouldn't come over, he began to touch my thigh.

"Lauren, you seem really tense. Would you like a massage?" I remember finding it funny at the time, but I agreed to it and let him massage my back. His hand rested in between my thighs, and I spread my legs to give him more access. He began to rub my clit over my clothes, and then, to my surprise, he took off my pants and my underwear in one swift motion.

He began to perform oral on me and began to moan. I began to moan as well. "Do you like that?" He asked me. "Yeah." I gasped. He fingered me, licked every bit of me, and then fell to the floor. I slid off our couch and began to ask him "Do you have your pants off?" but I saw that he already did. He was stroking himself, so I didn't even finish my sentence and immediately dropped to suck his penis.

"Oh my God, that's so good." He moaned. I continued like this for a while, and then my phone rung. I stopped to pick up the phone for my ex.


"I'm heading to you now. I'm in the uber." I took a long pause, eyes still on the penis before me.

"I can turn around if you want but I'm already in the uber." I took another long pause, then breathed an

"Okay." He informed me it would be 30 minutes and I hung up the phone.

"30 minutes." I told my roommate. He smiled and grabbed me.

"Great. Plenty of time." He continued to finger me as we made out, until I received another phone call from my ex again, telling me he was 5 minutes away.

My roommate lay on the floor, panting, and he sighed. "Oh, I love you, Lauren. Holy Shit." I laughed and smiled.

"Love you too."

My roommate went to his room and I ran to my bathroom to brush my teeth. When my ex arrived, I raised my eyebrows at him.

"I hope you enjoyed your week of ignoring me." I told him as I grabbed him by the collar, guiding him inside my apartment.

My ex and I had a very passionate physical relationship, so when we entered my room, he slammed the door behind him and pinned me against the wall, lifting me up and kissing me. He lead me to my bed and we proceeded to make out. I took off all my layers of clothing. "Do you want me to eat you out?" he whispered. I smiled a very cocky grin. "Sure."

He ate me out and made me scream. He told me "I love it when you scream." He continued to kiss every inch of me before laying on top of me.

"Man, I wish we could have sex."

I don't know whether it was all of the foreplay that happened previously with my best friend, or if I had just awakened some hungered part of me that would never again be tamed, but I was finally ready.

"Okay." I told him. He pulled back and looked at me, eyes wide. "Really?"


"But... I didn't bring anything..." there was a long pause between us. "Maybe you could ask your roommate."

At first I laughed off the idea, but he was serious. I mustered up the courage, put on some clothes, and exited my room, closing the door behind me. My first view was my roommate, drinking water out of the sink naked. I laughed as I walked over to our kitchen island.

"Hey... can I borrow some condoms?" I whispered. My roommate retreated from the sink as his eyes widened. He nodded. "Yes, come on, this way." He took me by the hand and began to lead me to his room. I took my hand away from him and pointed to the condoms.

"Oh no, I need them."

"Oh, sure!" my roommate exclaimed. He grabbed two condoms out of his bag.

"Here's two - magnum, extra large." I took them and smiled at him, then headed back to my room. I began to walk the condoms over to my ex when I heard a knock on my door.

"Lauren, are you okay?" My roommate had come to check on me, naked. I rushed to the door and began to close it, trying to prevent my ex from seeing my roommate naked. "I'm fine! Go to bed, I love you."

I sent him off and returned to my ex, who was smirking on my bed.

"I heard a lot of laughing out there." I smiled at him.


"Should I be?"

Without a beat, I answered with a strong "no" and climbed back into my bed, then lost my virginity.

The next morning I dropped my ex off at his doctor's appointment, then took my cat to the vet. I received a text from my roommate: "Lauren, I'm starting to get back bits and pieces from last night. Were we watching The Grinch? Was I running around naked? Did Jordan come over?"

I replied to him "Do you really not remember what happened?" and then proceeded to tell him.

Cinematically, I see a performer like Tyler Nixon playing the role of my roommate! This story has an authentic "Harry Met Sally" vibe, just a bit more scandalous.

I hope you liked it! :)