My Girlfriend and the Glory Hole

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My gf and I were doing a tour through the famous red light district of Amsterdam, the " wallen". Suddenly, we saw this neon sign in a small side street " Glory Hole Club", and laughed about it... But then I dared her to go in there and blow me as a guest of the club. We paid, and both went in through another door. I came in an narrow corridor, with about 10 holes at cock height, with NO possibility to see who's sucking you. There was only one hole free, so I opened my zip and pushed my equipment through it. Soon, I felt soft hands caressing me, and shortly after I felt someone (my gf?) taking it in the mouth and suck it, until it was fully erect. I assumed it was my gf, so I enjoyed the treatment full heartedly. My balls were sucked and I never had a harder erection than that moment. This went on for a few minutes, until I came. Satisfied, I slowly pulled back, cleaned my cock with some wet tissues and adjusted my clothing. Outside I waited for my gf, and there she was! All exited, red cheeks of exitement and some fresh staines on her blouse. When she started talking about her adventures in that room, I got confused... Proudly she talked about it... That she saw my dick sucked by another girl, and that she sucked a humongous cock instead... And that he produced so much jizz, that she could not swallow all of it, pointing at her ruined blouse...! Who the hell blew me then??? I NEVER FOUND OUT...