My first

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Beach babe

I was 24 years old, single all my life, and of course, a virgin. I went on a trip to Cartagena with a couple of friends. We stayed the last days in this hostel, which was located in the middle of the ocean. On our last night there, there was a party in the hostel, with music and drinks and people from all over the world. One of my friends went to sleep, the other one went with a guy she met, and I was left with a group of strangers. It became later at night, and most people went to sleep until it was just me and this Colombian guy who worked at the hostel, who I became friendly with during this time. We decided to go night swimming in the ocean, we were talking, laughing, and then he began to touch my thighs under the water, I came close to him and we start caressing each other until we got to kissing. We were making out and he began touching me underneath my bathing suit. We stopped to go out of the water. While drying ourselves, we got at it again, in the middle of the lounge area (which was outdoors just beneath the sea), no one was around. I gave him a blowjob (my first one). He was touching and fingering me. And that’s when I decided that I wanted my first time to be unforgettable, and this was the right place. So I took my bottom off and said “Let’s do it”. He looked surprised but did it anyway. It was my first time, so it did hurt a little, I didn’t know what I was doing, but he guided me through it. It was the worst and the best sex ever. We finished, we cuddle in a hammock, soon he got tired and went to his room. I stayed on the hammock, by myself, watching the sunrise. Feeling so empowered. That I had finally had sex, by my terms. I was tired of “waiting” for the “perfect guy” to lose my virginity to. And realized that it didn’t fucking matter. I felt so proud, so glowing, and ready to continue discovering my sexual journey.