Morrning Tea

A Sexual Fantasy

— By divinebeauty007

Once upon a time when I was at college, I met a woman around 35 years old, walking down the road. She was fully loaded with the groceries and in a rush for a taxi, she nearly dropped everything. I was walking behind her and I went over to help. I walked her home and she thanked me for my help. We exchanged numbers and I moved on... After few days of no call... I forgot her... but one morning she called me asking me to bring some milk to her house. It was around 7:30 am when I arrived. I asked her where the kids were, she told me they went to school and that she was also divorced. I gave her the milk and felt relaxed on the couch. She insisted I prepare the tea as she was getting late for work. When I came back into the hall she was not there. I called her and the voice came from behind me, from the washroom. She was asking me to give her the panties and bra lying on the bed. Before giving them to her I was taking in the smell of her mild pussy. Suddenly, I felt she was standing behind me. I felt my eyes open wide when I saw her wearing those lacy black bra and panties. She was looking so beautiful. She told me that it was hard to hook the bra, can you help me? My hands were shivering while doing so, I was thinking that today I am caught in her hands. She asked me if it was my first time, I said yes. While hooking her bra, she felt the bulge of my pants with her round curved hips. Without saying anything she held it tightly and undressed my pants to take my dick in her mouth. Just few strokes and I was about to come, I was embarrassed. But she said this is normal for first time. Don't be ashamed, go into the washroom and clean up. I came back, we had tea and went to work.