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A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rynelle0411

A restaurant you can go to. You choose your waiter off a menu like a gourmet meal, according to what you are attracted to and what you need for the evening.... They offer anything from a listening ear, to a heart to heart conversation, sensual kisses, to oral and penetration, spanking, slow dance, fetishes, you get the idea. Order a cunnilingus and a gorgeous lady in a little flair 50's style waitress outfit with a string of pearls around her neck, comes through to sit atop your table and open her legs, your meal served. All acts are done on the table tops exactly how dinner would be served, a feast to a spectator's eyes. Classy, beautiful ambiance, warm lighting, peachy flora and fauna, gold candle holders, a songstress like Nina Simone and her jazz band in the background. Life is good...