Long wait leads to great sex...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sailorboy

I am a sailor. It is a tough job, but the toughest thing is staying away from my girl for six long months. I had never waited out for anyone, for so long. We kissed eachother goodnight everyday over video calls, but the frustration of not being able to feel her lips against mine was just unbearable. We decided to go to a chic hotel to spend the night I got back. I directly went to the hotel, as she had already checked in. Little did I know, that I was in for one of the greatest nights of my life. The door opened a few moments after my hasty knock, and there she was, leaning against the door, wearing a satin bathrobe, gazing deep into my brown eyes. I immediately hurled my luugage through the door, and grabbed her by the waist, pushed her against the wall, and landed my first kiss in six months. It was a fierce kiss, our tounges fighting eachother's for control. We were so engrossed in the kiss, we didn't even realize we undressed eachother, all we could hear were eachother's moans. I slowly slipped my fingers inside her underpants, and glided them between her wet lips, she immediately held me tighter, and bit my lip hard. I pulled my fingers out and gazed at her for a few moments. She looked down and back at me, we both knew what that meant. I kneeled down, while she removed her pants. I then lifted her leg and placed it over my shoulder, and started licking the edges of her lips. I could hear her panting now. I used both my hands to open up her lips and started licking her clit, slow at first. This made her sqiurm so much that I had to use force to keep her standing. I then inserted a finger while sucking at her clit, and moved it in a come-hither motion. Seconds later she came. She came so hard she pushed me away from her. I stood up, and landed another wet, long kiss. I lifted her leg up and entered her. She gave out a loud moan. I continued until i felt like I was about to cum. I stopped. I pulled my cock out, and lied down on the floor. She knew what to do, she slowly crouched down and started grinding against my face. I was a little out of breath, but enjoyed it nevertheless. Beads of sweat started developing on her back and forehead. She then slowly turned around, took my cock, and started riding it. The beads of sweat started running down her neck and breasts and then onto my body, the view was absolutely mersmerizing. She was moaning with ecstacy and I was about to explode, but I didn't want to, I wanted to enjoy this view for eternity. My thrusts and her gyration were perfectly synchronized, until she gave out a long high pitched shriek and her body convulsed as she dug her nails on my chest . I felt a sudden rush of warmth and wetness inside of her, I could'nt hold it in anymore, I pulled her body closer towards me and I exploded inside her. I tugged on her wet hair, until my legs stopped twitching. I kissed her sweaty body and we then lied there on the floor, in our own pool of sweat until we could stand up.