Lick Me Please

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Annonymous

I had a boyfriend who could make me come very easily using his fingers. He hardly ever gave me oral sex because he didn't enjoy it. He knew it was my favourite thing, but he rarely did it. When he did, he acted like he was doing me a huge favour, like I should be so lucky that he was doing something for me that he didn't like. He thought he could make up for it by giving me loads of orgasms with his fingers, but I realised that, to him, it was just a numbers game.

It wasn't about my pleasure or a connection between us. It was just about how quickly he could get me off and the number of orgasms he could give me. He was just focused on the number.

I would really love to see a video of a man giving a woman oral sex where he just focuses on the licking and giving her a pleasurable experience. I would love to see a story where it isn't only about the orgasm, but about the other pleasurable elements of oral sex. I get so much more pleasure from being licked than I do from anything else. I would prefer really slow deliberate oral sex to a fast orgasm any day of the week.