Sneaky college lesbians

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lesbian girl69

This is a story about me being a lesbian and my sorority house knowing. The beginning of my first year of college I pledge to a sorority house. Well, I get accepted and I tell one of my friends in there that I’m a lesbian and she didn’t seem surprised. It was like she knew, which was odd. Later that night, around 2 am, I get undressed in the bathroom. Once I start undressing I’m staring at my b cup breasts in the mirror and looking at my ass. I feel like someone is watching me so I go and hop in the shower because I didn’t see anyone. Once I got in the shower I start playing with my pussy and using my dildo to fuck my pussy. I hear someone knock over the trash can. I get out of the shower to find my best friend red faced with her thong and bra on the floor, and her vibrator sticking out of her pussy. Once we were done picking up the trash, I turn to hop back in the shower and she says my name. I turn, and look at her and she kisses me and starts groping my tits. I start moaning and we go into the shower together. We are both wet from head to toe. She gets on her knees and starts gently licking all around my thighs and so close to my clit, as she was teasing me. Finally I grad her head and shove it to my clit, where she starts sucking and kissing it. I’m moaning so loud! I swear - I thought the whole house would wake up. She gets up and I do the same to her. Then she takes my dildo while I’m bending down and I she shoves it right up my ass. She then takes it out of my ass and shoves it into my pussy. She is sucking on my clit, while she’s fucking me with the dildo. I came so hard that night and three years later we are still having crazy sex. I never told anyone, but I’m into group sex, so maybe I can convince her to do some things like that with me;).