Just Come

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Franzen

I dream of oral sex, frequently. I am in a relationship, I love my partner, she is beautiful. She just does not like to give me oral sex, as with other things in sex she likes to receive but not to give. We are talking about it, some stuff slowly moves, some does not. It’s the moment just before sunrise, me still being fully asleep my wife crawls over to my side of the mattress and starts stroking my cheeks, my mouth, my hairline. I'm slowly starting to take notice. This goes on for quite a while before her hands move towards my chest, belly and genitals. Me still being half asleep enjoying the scenario while dreaming away. She raises her finger and gently puts it on my lips as if she would mean to show me to not make a sound and relax, her mouth comes close to my ear and she whispers "just come" before she wanders down my body, kissing, licking, touching and sucking until I come. Just come.