Juicy harvest

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wantonwoman

We have finished our lunch, the sun is high, it's a hot day. We are tucked under the shade of the overgrown vines. I am relaxed, he is laying by my side, he is barefoot, shirtless, trying to cool off a little. He reaches up to pick a bunch of juicy grapes, and then he says to me “Take your clothes off.” I open one eye, look at him and do as I am told. I unbutton my shirt to show him my sheer, lacy bra, “Take it off,” he nods towards my legs, “And the bottoms.” His cock is stirring at the sight of my dark thatch of bush, and with a bit of difficulty I eventually toe off my underwear, leaving the skirt on, bunched up around my waist. He squeezes the grapes, drizzling juice on my flesh, quickly following with his tongue he licks and sucks the juice and pulpy bits off my breasts, suckling on my nipples until they are tight and erect. He is constantly squeezing more juice over me. He turns towards the vines again, picks three grapes and pops them into his mouth. I groan in frustration, he stills me with his hand. “Bend your knees up.” I do so, he takes one of the grapes from his mouth and places it on my sternum. He rolls it around one nipple and then the other, down my torso, over my navel, past the skirt and stops just before my bush. “Oh yes please,” I squirm. He gently rolls the grape down into my folds. Moving slowly, he circles my clit provoking me to grind my hips. My moans are getting louder as he rolls the grape and finds my opening, I am very wet. He circles the grape a few times, and then pops it inside me. He has to hold it in place as my orgasm takes hold, making me groan loudly. He waits for me to settle. He pushes the grape a little further inside me and then moves himself down over me, his head between my thighs. He uses his tongue to prod the other two grapes inside my pussy. He licks and rolls the grapes around inside me, driving me wild, I can’t help but grind against his tongue. I climax again and he sucks back the grapes into his mouth, drinking in my ejaculation, and making me scream.