The Indian Love Story

A Sexual Fantasy

— By The Wild Indian

In the society that I and my girl grew up in, pre marital sex is a taboo. For us, having sex discreetly, away from the judgmental and prying eyes of our parents, peers and all elders, was as much about experiencing true freedom as it was about lust. When my girl defied all odds and made love with me, it made me realize how much she loved me and how much I meant to her. This ignited a new found fire in me, to pleasure her as much as I possibly could. On our first intimate encounter, we both lost our virginity at the age of 18, and our sex was both wild and romantic at the same time. I read and researched about cunnilingus, and now I know how to make my girl squirt literally at any possible time. To us, sex is not only about the pleasure and the orgasms, but also about the thrill of revolting against an orthodox and patriarchal society. Our physical encounters have also immensely strengthened our relationship. As of now, I have moved to the USA, while my girl is still in India. And I ache for her body, and her company every second of my life. Hope we'll soon be united, because I cannot live without her. We have successfully maintained a long distance relationship for 2 years now. To me my girl's a goddess, she signifies strength, courage, fertility, lust and femininity. Her well shaped enticing body is a piece of art. And she's the hottest and wildest partner anyone can ask for in bed. I love her.