If I Had Superpowers

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fluxus

My whole life, even still now, I dream that I have the power of controlling things with my mind. It feels so natural, so real. When I was younger I thought how I could use it for practical things, but now that I'm older, I think how I can use it for pleasure...

I could make people loose it, cum, orgasm in public, without them even knowing what was happening. Making them feel pleasure as if they were touched, licked, kissed, penetrated, and turn up the intensity how ever I wanted... To make a guy cum from a prostate orgasm without touching him! Wouldn't it be amazing to see strangers get turned on beyond their wildest dreams, suddenly in a train or on the bus, or where ever I see my next pleasure victim in public?

Then, when I would be with a partner, I could make him feel as if he was being pleasured all over at the same time; his nipples, his cock, his mouth, his ass, his whole body burning with pleasure and being stimulated by my mind, from the inside out... The wicked things I would do ;)

PS. I would like the superpower of making my sex fantasies come to life...