I Wanna Fight You

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Viktorya

After being friends for a couple of years, one of my guy friends and I began experimenting with each other. Ok so, at this point we’re more than friends, but I don’t want to put a label on it. Sometimes when we’re together at his place, it goes like this: we’ll start talking smack to each other and then start to wrestle and tickle each other. After rolling around and me trying to get on top of him, he’ll put his dead weight on me and start kissing my mouth, then my body, and then he’ll either finger me or eat me out. One time, he locked his strong legs around my midsection UFC MMA style so I couldn’t move and I was “forced” to take it as he fingered me (of course I enjoyed this). He’s such a sweetheart too. The first time he saw my vagina, he said “You have a really good one... I just wanna lick it”. He tells me I’m a great woman and that he likes kissing on my stretch marks too. When I mess with him and he tells me, “I wanna fight you so bad”, I know he’s about to give it to me real good!