I Mustache You

A Sexual Fantasy

— By samintexas

I travel back and forth between the US and France for work. I am happily in a long distance relationship, but I constantly fantasize about a friend I see each time I’m back in Europe; a bartender that works in my regular French hang. I wonder what it would be like to fuck him after years of flirting. He has the perfect Tom Selleck mustache that demands to be ridden; the opposite of my boyfriend. I can get so wet imagining sneaking into the backroom with him while my partner hangs out unknowingly in the bar chatting with friends. We’re fucking quietly but super intensely and exploring our bodies among the kegs and storage with intimacy that has only ever been imagined. It is a wet, intense mustache ride and he is INTO IT. I keep covering his mouth to keep his moans from being overheard in the bar. Part thrill of getting caught, part fantasy of having something I can’t have.