I can't let you go

A Sexual Fantasy

— By NM

My ex has been with another woman for a number of years, but I still dream about sex with him all the time. I would give anything to have him come back so we could have sex again.

I want to feel like the important woman in his life, even just for a brief moment. I want to be desirable enough to him for him to come back. I want, even if I knew it would be the last time we had sex, to have a passionate night of really slow, deliberate sex.

I'd like him to undress me and then to lie down on the bed. I'd take him into my mouth very slowly and put his fingers inside me whilst I licked and sucked him. I'd lick him very very slowly, until he couldn't take anymore, and let him come in my mouth.

I'd stand in front of him whilst he sat on the bed. He'd gently grab my arse whilst sucking and licking my nipples, just the way he did the last time he saw me. He took my nipples into his mouth and squeezed my bum and lacy underwear. He told me he wanted to go down on me.

I'd lie down and let him pull my underwear off me. He'd lick me very deeply and slowly, taking his time, fucking me with his tongue, as though he wasn't in a rush and he actually wanted to be with me in that moment.

He would lick me for a very, very long time, making up for all the times he'd said he'd come over and never did, all those times he promised he'd lick me and pleasure me for hours and hours and never honoured that promise.

He'd stay with me afterward, and hold me, and show me that he wanted to be with me in that moment.