How My Wife Changed My Mind

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rafel

Unlike my wife, I have never wanted a couples exchange experience. My wife however, has always desired her friend Gabrielle's husband, Maurizio, and last year, she finally managed to make me change my mind. She told me her pussy would get wet every time she looked at Maurizio, she had a great desire to be fucked by him. Without saying anything to me, my wife came up with an idea, to swap her cell phone with Gabrielle's so Gabrielle could seduce me. Gabrielle is very sensual and cool. She has a beautiful ass, very sexy legs, and is always wearing refined lingerie. For a week Gabrielle pretended to be my wife on the phone, provoking me with erotic messages that excited me. She told me she would only continue to send me messages on one condition, that I not masturbate until the evening when she came home. Every evening my wife got home she would get excited when asking me what message I received that day and which had particularly excited me. That's how she had very strong orgasms as I stroked her everywhere. After a week my wife finally revealed the truth as I was leaning against the kitchen table while she gave me a fabulous blowjob. Excited by this revelation, I put my wife on the table and fucked her hard. I was very excited to have exchanged, without knowing it, erotic messages with her super cool friend. After a week of being seduced by Gabrielle, I am now ready for a couples exchange. I have a great desire to fuck her, and my wife is happy to finally have the opportunity to live her fantasy with Maurizio. Ever since she saw him naked on the campsite, she has wanted to be fucked by him. Gabrielle has now returned my wife’s cell phone and we will all have our first meeting at a hotel next weekend.