High on Endorphins

A Sexual Fantasy

— By the moving babe

I started going to go to the gym a few months ago, and I love it! I always get there feeling super motivated, and I train really hard. I push and pull, I run and jump, I sweat and stretch. Every single time I get leave, I just feel so good! All high on endorphins. The air around me tickles, it’s almost magical. I fantasize of going home after a good workout (big muscles, either back or glutes) where my boyfriend would be waiting for me. He’d help me shower, wash my hair, cover me in bubbly soap, and then rinse me off with cold water when he would then massage my tired and sore muscles. I would obviously get really aroused by the situation, but I’d take the time to enjoy this well-deserved treat, and the good boy he is would make sure to do his work from start to finish, from my head to my toes. Massaging me with coconut oil. Lots of it. When he’d be done, he’d very slowly make his way from my feet to my crotch, and he would softly lick and finger my already perfectly soaked pussy. All while grabbing onto my trained and relaxed muscles, he would flip me onto my stomach and fuck me until I come, to a never-ending place of ecstasy, high on endorphins.