Hiding Places

A Sexual Fantasy

— By AphraB92

I’m a freelancer working in theatre. I often travel around to different venues and have to get to know them well as part of my job. You would be surprised at how many hiding places there are backstage. Every new place I go to I find spots around the building that would be perfect for some extra curricular activities. Control rooms, fly floors, dressing rooms, band pits, storage cupboards. I can’t help but immediately think of what I could get up to hidden away from everyone. It turns me on a lot. I dream of one day fulfilling my fantasy and fucking in a place where myself and my colleagues work. I think a lot about being in the control room at the back of the auditorium while there is a show going on. I want to have a colleague down between my legs eating me out while I operate a show. Purposely trying to mess with my concentration, to muck up the show so someone notices us, but I don’t. He makes me cum and I finish the show. Once the audience has left, we’re tidying up at the side of the stage and he starts kissing me and we fuck against the fly ladder. He’s slim but one of the strongest people I know. I’m bigger than him but he lifts me up and I grab onto the ladder as he fucks me and makes me cum again. Another place I dream of having sex is in an orchestra pit. To reveal the pit for a show you need to remove large panels at the front of the stage but you can still gain access from a door underneath. I want to be under the stage with him, fucking passionately while people walk about on stage above. The thought of getting caught just turns us on even more but he holds his hand over my mouth in attempt to stop my moans. I daydream about these scenarios a lot when I’m at work, and even more when I’m not. There are endless possibilities to get naughty in a theatre, and I want it bad!