Her hole pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xtech

I fantasize about going to a Gloryhole where the pleasure is strictly for the female. I walk in to the establishment and sign in and wait my turn to be called in. It's a clean looking place. Everything is in order. Once I'm called, they take me to a room where the hole is. It's a sizable hole. I can see a vagina and ass through it. The hole is sizable enough that I can perform oral sex on her so I do. I do this for a while, then she turns around to position herself in a way that exposes her asshole. I start giving oral to her ass. After that, I notice a table next to me with a variety of sex toys. Vibrators, dildos, etc. I begin to try one by one. She moves and moans in pleasure. The walls slightly hinder the noise, but not completely. After plenty of stimulating, she begins to orgasm letting out a loud and satisfying moan. The session is over. I'm escorted out. I never got to see her face. And she never got to see mine. All we will remember from this will be her pleasure.