The Groom and the Glory Hole

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I'm going to get married tomorrow, to the love of my life. And you know what THAT means... my friends organised a last wild night out together, and I have no idea what it will lead to... A dinner first, then lots of drinking in several clubs... Later, when half-drunk, a visit to a night-club with some striptease and poledancing. But after all this, my friends' last wild idea! In the cellar of the club is a big, black wall... a wall with holes in it... a glory hole wall! They all dared me to pull my cock out and stick it through, not knowing who would suck and jerk me off! Will it be a girl? A man? Young or older? Beautiful or less so? But in this stage of drunken courage I will do anything to take on any challenge, so I bravely freed my cock, and stuck it through the first hole available. Only a few moments later I feel a gentle mouth swallowing it in. Despite my drunkenness I become rock-hard in that gentle, moist, swallowing mouth... Hand gently caressing my scrotum, making me gasp for air, clenching to that wall for grip! But wait! This all feels quite familiar! And I start to suspect my bride-to-be is on the receiving side behind that wall! I start to thrust harder, aiming for a grande finale, squirting my load as deep as possible in that moist, willing cavity. Under loud cheering and applause of my friends I come, still not sure WHO it was on the other side of that wall... And now, on my honeymoon, I am still uncertain... When I asked my newly wed wife, she just smiled and said she and her girlfriends had THEIR last wild night out too... I'm still not sure whose mouth it was, and I suspect I will never really know...