Gone Wild

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mar

Well this is a true story which I still fantasize about.

It’s a weekend night.

I’ve done my nails in bloody red and took a shower and leave them to air dry; put on the honeysuckle lotion. I wear a black lingerie with matching heels and lighting everywhere with candle light....

You get home; I open the door and you see me waiting for you. You close the door, we kiss and I touch his dick which is getting hard.

You take me to the bedroom ask me to bend in doggy position and wait until you take your shower and are done. Adrenaline runs high on me...

You come back all naked and I can feel the smell of your cologne in the air. You spank my ass which makes me moan and squirm.

You lean me on the bed and grab my boobs, lick my nipples and bite and lick my neck which makes me have an orgasm. Then you lick me from top to toe going to my pussy until I come again.

I reciprocate; take your penis in my hand, start with kissing the tip of it; licking your dick and go to your inner thighs kissing and biting them while you beg me to suck your dick. I then start to lick under your balls and play with your balls taking them into my mouth; then move to your penis taking it into my throat.

You run your hand around my ass and bend me over; massage my ass holding your dick with the other hand and I feel the first smack on my ass...

You touch my ass again, massage it and then slip your fingers inside me and moan in desire.

You slap me again and again which makes me squirm in desire begging you to fuck me.

I feel your stomach on my lower back, you first take it slow and fuck slowly which feels insanely good making me wish I could have you inside me forever.

Then you bend me over the tip of the bed, thrust viscously clawing at my back and shoulders, pull back my hair... and pounding hard inside, making me scream in pleasure and come many times.

You lay me down and I take you all in, thrusting hard and we cum together.