A Fuck in the Woods

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Unholy

Some time ago me and my boyfriend went on a night walk, it was really cold but from the moment we saw each other we were really horny. Before that night we hadn't seen each other for almost one month, we both have a really high libido and I was sure that we were gonna do it this night. We couldn't meet at my or his place so the walk was the only option. I'm living in a small town near the woods, so we went there. I was in my warm jacket, a dress and warm tights but I wasn't wearing any panties. We reached a small bench near a path near where we were going so I sat on it and told my partner to fuck me, here, right now, "I don't care if it's cold" I said as I slid my tights down and touched his warm crotch. He was ready, he pulled out his cock and slid it into my open mouth as I willingly sucked on it. After a while he grabbed me and made me kneel on the wet grass. He slowly pushed himself into me while also grabbing my hair with one hand and my neck with the other one. He was so aggressive I felt like I was going to burst into tears from the pleasure, then he pushed his cock into my butthole and came inside of me leaving me breathless. In the end we were all dirty from the mud and wet from the sweat, dew and warm sperm.