Fuck Me Gently

A Sexual Fantasy

— By katana217

In so many porn videos, I have seen 2 girls, showering each other with kisses, and lapping at each other's pussies, punctuated with soft cooing and giggles. I ACHE for such softness, in this hard, hard world. I come into the scene, from out there, make light conversation with my girlfriend about some event we're looking forward to the next week, and then I end up perching on her hastily-hidden dildo. "And just what", I jokingly ask, "Is all this then?" She looks sheepish for a moment, before a devilish grin takes her face, and she grabs the thing. "See for yourself", she replies, before rubbing the dildo across herself, and me! We end up kissing, and stripping each other, before I move to her pussy, with light soft teasing licks across the surface of the vulva, then she pushes me on my back, and takes my cock, teasing the shaft with her tongue. All around the shaft, slow, fast, in-between. I'm so distracted that I almost don't notice the dildo nudging at my bumhole, and as it slips in, the bunny ears work their magic on my balls. Soon the passion overwhelms us, and we move to simulate tribadism, me inside her, but both of us grinding together. We come together, and collapse in embrace, sharing gentle post-coital kisses, and bathing in the afterglow. Certainly beats "Blowjob/fuck/facial", doesn't it?