Fuck me Like You're Someone Else

A Sexual Fantasy

— By senorladron

Dear Erika. I am writing to confess a naughty plan I’ve hatched for my girlfriend. We've been together for more than two years now, and I have noticed that there is a naughty girl trapped somewhere inside her. And from the porn we enjoy watching together I know she is even a bit of an exhibitionist. We have great sex in our bedroom, but… in our bedroom period. We can’t do it in the living room, because her parents have the key to our department, and “what if they suddenly came to see us without notice…?”. And outside of our house is out of the question. You see Erika, we live in such a small town where everyone knows you, and especially my girlfriend since she is a high school teacher. She does not dare to live out any of her dirty fantasies, because she just couldn’t live with the consequences of getting caught. She is even afraid to go to the public swimming pool because she can't stand the thought of any of her students seeing her naked in the shower, maybe spotting her pussy. They would realize that she is sexually active, and so she fears the students would sit in her class imagining what she looks like having sex, thus losing all respect for her, she says.
So I've made this cunning plan. We need to go somewhere where she is a total stranger. So in about four weeks, when school is out, we will go to Barcelona for a long weekend together. And I will be very cheeky, because the night before, after she has packed, I will open her suitcase and remove all her panties. She will have to go panty-less the entire trip. Instead I will pack a wig and some big, dark sunglasses for her incognito look. And I will put in a couple of new sex toys! And I will dare her to use them, secretly, in public, with just the two of us knowing. We'll lay down at playa Barceloneta kissing playfully, and she will get to tan her beautiful breasts, displaying them for any stranger passing by. And if she dares, maybe we'll even have some super exciting public sex somewhere. This will be her erotic awakening...