Five Senses: Part 3

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rumba Fan

Day 5: The sense of taste - Also their last episode of thematic sex is dictated by certain rules. When getting undressed on their bed, the light is already switched off and roller shutters immerse the room in complete darkness. But thats’s not all: the only possible way to touch the partner is by lips and tongue, which means to taste them. They long voraciously for each others lips, lying there and kissing for half an hour. After a while Laura goes on to explore Dylon’s body with her tongue. When reaching his penis, it is so hard that she can feel its pulsation on her lips. She licks his shaft and sucks his glans lustily noticing for the very first time that the taste of Dylan’s dick reminds her of persimmons - with a pinch of salt. Then they switch to 69 and now Dylan is able to relish his girlfriend’s delicious juice. Not willing to swallow his sperm Laura takes the cock out of her mouth when her boyfriend comes explosively, but then licks some juice from his balls to remain with its taste in her mouth. She lays down on her back again and Dylan discovers the taste of her body from her nipples to her toes. In the end, he turns his attention to her pussy again. Licking and soaking her soggy vulva, he finally puts his tongue deep into Laura’s vagina. Going on like this and simultaniously rubbing her clit with his lips, he lets her experience one of the most intense orgasms she has ever had.

Day 6: All senses unified - After a one-day sex pause Laura und Dylan can’t wait to carry out the last episode of their experiment: the combination of all senses. What seems to be normal sex at first sight turns out to be a firework of senses! They get started smelling and inhaling all the other person’s diverse scents, then go on to kiss and taste their lips. They listen to each other’s sensitive but amazed voice while observing the partner’s face and body from top to bottom. They touch and caress each other, they embrace and finally succumb to the most intimate and passionate sex of their lifetime.