first time swallowing

A Sexual Fantasy

— By strawberryswirl

My boyfriend and I hadn´t been together long and we had just spent 3 weeks apart. So when we met a few days before New Years Eve there was a lot of sexual tension. We went with a couple of friends to the mountains, to a cabin with two bedrooms, so we didn't really have any privacy being with five other people in one room.

The first night came and we were so horny, we didn't know where to go. The tension kept growing so like teenagers we waited for everyone to go to sleep. We started kissing very quietly, before I felt his hand slip down into my panties. I was very wet, which he noticed and smiled . Then he started playing with me, putting his other hand on my mouth. I loved it when he used to do that. It was scary and exciting as hell at the same time.

Everything became more intense, and I came so fast. We heard some noisy so we stopped. The next morning, everyone got up, but we stayed a bit longer. What I forget to mention was that the bedroom had a wall with a hole where a window used to be, so you could see into the other room, it was like a big peephole. We started continuing what we hadn´t finish the night before.

I touched his cock, which was already so hard, so I went down on him. He had to be very cautious, always looking to make sure no one passed by the "window". I started sucking his cock, occasionally our eyes met. I could see he was about to come before he whispered "I cant go on." I had never swallowed, so I was thinking ok then lets deep throat. I didn't know what to expect, but as I felt his cock spasm in my mouth, I suddenly tasted something warm, and it wasn't as scary as i thought. I loved it!