First Night

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dadagirl

After a lovely dinner, he'll take me back to his house. We'll hang out on his couch all while just touching each other as he starts to kiss me all over my body. He'll then lead me by the hand to his room and lock the door. I'll glance at him and walk seductively to sit down on the edge of his bed. He'll take his shirt off and stare at me as I sit with my legs open to him. He'll look at me with eyes filled with lust and desire as he realizes I'm not wearing any underwear under my gown. He'll stand by the door and command me to touch myself. I'll seductively take off my dress and let it pool on the floor beneath my feet. I'll walk over to the bed and climb on it and spread my legs wide. I'll stare into his eyes as I use my fingers to circle, pull and squeeze my breast while my other hand fingers and strokes my clit. All while he is looking at me. He'll then walk over to me and pull my legs off the bed closer to his mouth as he eats my pussy. It'll be a slow process as he licks and sucks me while groaning. He'll then use his tongue to penetrate my opening as he grabs hold of my nipples and continues touching and pulling and squeezing. He does that until I get my first orgasm, then he moves up to my breast and sucks and nips my nipples and kisses them continuously. He then moves to my mouth and kisses me as he takes off his trousers and places his already erect penis into my opening. As he pushes in, I'll gasp and he'll continue to ride me as I moan and squirm all over again. We make love to each other until we are both satisfied from pleasure.