A Fantasy From the Past

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kokoszko

I love my ex-girlfriend and we parted as friends, just after 5 years we figured out that we want different things in life, and different lifestyles. I still love her, though I don't have desire to be her partner.

After we split we used to have sex for couple of months, and she opened up about her fantasies - of group sex, or threesomes. We talked about it, about different scenarios, if we'd be okay with another person having sex with me or her while we're there. She asked me what was my greatest fantasy and I told her I always wanted oral sex from two girls, fully accepting me, letting me cum on their lips and kiss afterwards. She said she'd love to give me this experience, then kneeled before me and after kissing and licking she finished the blowjob on her face for the first time (and last).

Couple of weeks after that I met a girl. We fell in love almost instantly, and became very close. She's much younger (18) than me (28) or my ex (25). They don't really get on well that much, which is a shame.

Last couple of months I have this recurring fantasy of my ex wanting to fulfill my desires. In my fantasy she tells her about my deepest dreams and somehow they decide to do it together. I can't get that idea out of my head.