Eating My Own

A Sexual Fantasy

— By gawky

I texted with this girl over the internet for a long time. We spoke about sex quite often and inevitably we wanted to meet...for sex. We were talking about our fantasies, one of mine was - she would be riding on me, slowly and I would come into her. She'd take all my cum inside her and sit on my face right after that, I'd lick her and eat all my cum out of her. She really liked this idea too but obviously we didn't want to have unsafe sex when we first met. So we modified it a little. We met in a hotel room and after a while she took me into her mouth. I came really hard, she took it all in and didn't spill a drop. With my cum in her mouth she gave me a big fat deep kiss. I tasted my cum before but boy this was really strong and messy. There was so much liquid that we couldn't keep it inside and in the end I had cum over my chin and chest. Even writing this gets me aroused after all that time. Hope you like it too. :)