Doctors and Demons

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wet

I have this fantasy where I sign up to be a test subject. The subject of this study is nocturnal emissions. In other words, wet dreams. I'm asked by the doctor to undress and to lay on the bed, so I do. The doctor then applies a bunch of patches with cords on me. They are hooked to a machine. Then the doctor puts me to sleep to analyze my behavior. After a while of watching me sleep, the doctor notices my penis erecting and pulsating. After that goes on for a moment, my penis begins to ejaculate. The pleasure wakes me up and I find a mess on me. The doctor hands me a cloth to clean off but not before collecting a sample of my semen for analysis. He gives me a description of what he saw, and asks me what happened in my experience. What I had experienced was an ancient folklore. An encounter with a Succubus, a haunting beauty. She approached me and extended her hand out to me. I took it and we began to dance. As we danced my clothing would gradually disintegrate and she was wearing a beautiful ominous dress. As we continued to dance I became completely stripped of my clothing and grew more aroused. She began to give me oral sex as I got closer to orgasm. Then she laid me on the floor and we begin to fornicate. The pleasure was so good, and as I orgasmed I woke up to see my doctor watching me ejaculate.