Dinner and dessert

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Herdream69

The need for real sex is an issue for us middle aged single women when those urges arise. I love my bullet vibrator but it’s just not the same as having a man make passionate love to me. It becomes difficult finding someone you can trust and isn’t just looking to get involved in a long relationship. I have a single friend that I have known for years. About 4 months ago, we went out for dinner together and came back to my place afterwards. As we chatted over glasses of wine, our conversation was skirting the line of sexually suggestive before our conversation turned toward actually having sex. The oxytocin hormone was flowing in my body, and we ended up in my bedroom. He began kissing me, my neck and other areas while slowly removing my clothes. His hands were exploring my body parts until I was completely naked. I began removing his clothes until we were both standing naked with his erect penis pressed up against me. My juices were flowing as he went down on me which hadn’t happen to me in a very long time. My first orgasm came quickly with an even stronger one that immediately followed. I lost all my inhibitions as the passion between the two of us was so strong. We had never gone here before. He then began to slowly enter me so sensually that it was all I could do to keep from screaming out loud. He was so smooth and gentle. The sex was incredible as I felt him eventually tense up and explode in my pussy with several strong thrusts. We laid there talking afterwards and decided that when the mood hit either of us that we would call the other up for “dinner and dessert”. This has happened a few times since and he is so aware of my needs and always lets me take control. I shared him with my group of girlfriends after this. Two of them have since reached out to him for “dinner and dessert” successfully. None of us are ready to settle down so there is no jealousy between us. We share our experiences with each other which only gets us all in a state of horniness. It’s just great, safe, clean sex.