Dinner AND Dessert

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Love from KD

I remember when I had dinner with my boyfriend and his family for the first time. There he was, this muscly, tough man who looked so sweet and caring around his mother and sister. I guess my primal instincts kicked in because I got really turned on and felt extremely wet throughout the whole dinner. I wanted nothing more than to get on my knees right then and there. The feeling was unexplainable. Although I never pursued anything sexual at the dinner, I really wanted to. Since that day I've had a fantasy that I wanted to engage in with my man. I want to go to a public dinner, either with friends or family, and I want to start teasing him under the table. I want to stroke his cock, maybe drop a napkin under the table so I have an excuse to bend down and lick his cock too. Then he could return the favor by playing with my pussy. It would be so exhilarating because we'd be in front of other people, trying to hold a regular conversation and keeping a straight face while on the verge of orgasm.