A deep, gentle and loving passion

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hana13

My short story revolves around the one and only man I've ever loved in my life. About five years ago, I accepted the first man into my heart. Although we are no longer together, I must admit our relationship was magic. Part of that magic was discovering not only the emotional, selfless, and passionate love we were capable of feeling for one another, but also discovering our physical connection. I had never been touched by a man before and he was an inexperienced young adult with much to explore with me. The gentleness and passion with which he loved me every day, he translated beautifully and melodically in our intimate moments. We never actually consumated our love with the act of penetration but we took joy and pleasure in delicious foreplay, in the ways we explored our bodies, like when a kid is obsessively consumed with the wonders of a new toy. I remember the first time I experienced my first sensations. We were in my living room and Spain had just won the world cup, si! My parents had left the house and we were alone. We started to kiss and he had pulled me on him in a straddle position. As it all intensified in heat, sweat, and passion, he began to slowly drive his wet kisses lower down my neck, unbuttoning my shirt, eventually reaching my chest area, where he slowly moved my left bra cup to the side with his nose. He then slowly cupped his mouth around my breast, sending a million sensations down my spine, my belly, and my pelvis. He nipped, suckled, licked, very slowly and gently for what felt like endless and timeless bliss. From then on, he would never pass an opportunity to show my breasts the love they deserved. He took great pleasure in exploring me. Once he knew he could drive me insane by using his mouth and tongue to gently caress my breasts and vagina, he couldn't stop. We were crazy for each other, loving every minute of discovery and romance. And those are the memories I would love to see immortalized here. Just delicious and slow foreplay, detailed, gentle, and obsessive tasting, suckling, licking, and loving. xo