Conjugal Visit

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SilkSpectre

My Lover is in prison, behind bars. I am restricted in the frequency of these visits which leaves us both longing for each others touch. I slowly approach the cell and the cold, steel bars. As I approach he immediately rises from the bunk. Time has changed us both and we stop to slowly get reacquainted in silence. We are face to face as close as possible, grasping each others hands through the cell bars. We gaze into each others eyes, our lips meet and it's like kissing for the first time, foreign and new but hypnotizing. The passion quickly escalates - He holds my face, my neck. I want to devour every inch of his mouth, his lips. his tongue. He slides his hands down the front of my sundress, gently floating over my breasts, down my stomach. I'm pressing my body against the bars with all the force I can muster. He slides the straps of my dress off my shoulders and begins to trace the top of my breasts. I am breathing heavier. I slip my dress down and it glides onto the floor. My breasts are bare and I only have lace panties on. I press my body towards my lover and his hands are exploring every inch, slowly and gently. I can feel his raging desire for me, but he holds back. . He removes his t shirt. He has always been fit and muscular, now with his incarceration, his exercise has been increased, his body is extremely sexy. He continues to passionately kiss me as I stroke, smooth and scrape my fingers over his tan skin. He stops, backs up and removes his pants. He is so hard. Our lips cannot leave the other. I hold his erection, stroking it, grabbing it. His hand is between my legs, cupping my throbbing pussy. My panties are soaked. He pulls them down. I quickly remove them. His fingers are inside me. I'm caressing his cock. He knows how to touch me. I climax. He sinks to his knees, holding my body hard against the bars and licks my clit. I climax again. I then sink to my knees and take him in my mouth. He then pushes me up and moves my body to turn and bend. He enters me from behind, thrusting inside me thru the bars.