Colleague: PT 1: the desk sex teaser

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tobibe

It started with my colleague coming to my desk. she is a natural beauty. but she is. she dresses more erotic than sexy. she shows her body in a soft and thoughtful way. she sat next to me while talking about a project. she moved closer to point at my screen, our legs touched. i wanted to move away, but i felt how she kept her leg firmly up against mine. we kept talking, moving a millimeter closer to each other each breath. our arms touched. here reality shifts to fantasy. her left hand moved graciously on to her upper leg. at this moment i was so hard, i had trouble finding the right position so my dick could grow freely in my pants. she turned her upper body, i could feel her breast touching my arm. we finished our project. for a moment we sat silently. feeling all the parts of us that were touching getting warmer. i looked at her and asked: “so now what?”. - we wait, she said, i can’t get up. i’m so wet my pants are wet. she took my hand and made me feel up her legs. her hand started searching for my dick. she rubbed and caressed my dick. - you should come over to my house this weekend. i asked. - i will come, she smiled. - i have some fantasies we could explore together. - oh nice. i do have some fantasies i definitely want to experience. i’ll text you some. we can share and compile. the last colleague left. she got up and i saw the wet spot on her pants. she sat on me. - i do want a taste before the weekend. we kissed. her hips pushed on me. searching for my dick to rub her pussy against. - wait. i have to rearrange my dick. it’s stuck in my shorts. - haha. can i do it? she reached down my pants and clumsily moved my dick in the right position. she managed to get it upright. she shook her body rubbing her pussy on my cock. her tongue deeply entwined with mine. her hands in my hair. i felt her hard nipples. she moved back and opened my pants. she stroked my cock, moved on her knees. an hilarious attempt at sucking started. her head hit the desk. we laughed. she laughed and gently bit my cock. i got up. picked her up. opened her pants and stripped her completely. i went down on her. licking, fingering. she held my head firmly pushing it against her clitoris. she pushed me away turned around and asked me to take her from behind. i obliged. her tone was direct and sexy. i entered her pussy. she moved in the opposite rhythm making our insertions even harder. her pale ass turned red. i felt how wet she was with my dick. i kept fucking right to the point i exploded. sperm just flew everywhere. i tried to direct it onto her ass but it hit her legs. my desk. some reached her back. most just flew of in any direction leaving some wet stains on the carpet. - this was a good teaser for the weekend. she said. at that point i woke up. i was awake. i rubbed my morning wood. came on my sheets. and went to work. she was the first i saw in the office i awkwardly smiled. she came to my desk.