Cause we are never gonna see us again

A Sexual Fantasy

— By WildRaspberry

It is a few years ago. I stayed in Costa Rica for a few month. A night when I was out with other volunteers I met a man who I can t forget until now.

In the night we met, we were just talking and taking some drinks. When I was about to leave with the taxi, he kissed me and I was so electrified. I feel it in my whole body.

I just had a few days left until my flight home but we were going out two times again. We were so attracted to each other and were kissing and feeling each other. But we were not able to spend the night together.

I wanted him so much, my heart was broken when i flew home.

Until now I m thinking about him. I love lying in my bed, close my eyes and dream about that night when we were in the parking area in front of the club. It is like I could still feel his kisses and his fingers teasing my body and I imagine how it might have been that we did it with all the passion like we are never gonna see us again.